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👋 About Us

STORM Systems, commonly referred to as STORM, is a Discord bot that started in March 2023. It protects Discord servers from rule breakers and community risks through the use of our extensive database and robust reputation system. Our community is able to submit reports about users violating any of Our Guidelines. This is done on the Reports tab on this website.

All reports are handled by our experienced and well-trained Staff Team. Our unique system ensures complete impartiality which does not allow for any single individual to enact a points deduction. Majority verdicts must be reached amongst the team before the report can be finalised and points can be issued, if deemed necessary.

If someone's behaviour directly contravenes Our Guidelines, they can receive a points deduction. Then, when they join your server, their user is scanned against our database and their reputation level is received. Depending on your server's configuration, you can choose whether administrators are warned of the user joining or if the user is kicked/banned from your server immediately. Server administrators can invite our bot via the Bot Invite page and can customise their servers settings on the Server Manager page.

🤔 Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question which is not listed below, or require further help, you can ask it in our Discord.

Disputing a points reduction is as straight forwards as it can be with our easy to use website, simply visit your profile at https://stormsystems.org/profile. Find the log that\'s caused the deduction and hit the Dispute button.

Once you\'ve submitted, disputes go directly to the STORM Management team for review. You\'ll be constantly kept up to date throughout the process and we\'ll get in touch for more information where necessary.

STORM Staff Management will release applications for members to join our skilled team of Staff Members, depending on supply and demand. Applications are announced on our Discord server and can be applied for on the “ Join our Team” page.

You can contact a member of our staff team via our ticketing system in our official STORM Discord server. Simply head over to https://stormsystems.org/support.

When creating STORM we developed a guidelines system detailing which offences that we take reports for and the level of punishment that we impose for those reports. To ensure that we can be as transparent as possible.

These guidelines are linked on our website and can be found at: https://stormsystems.org/policies/guidelines

The answer is similar to the question above, our policies can all be found on the footer of our website. The important policies that we have can be found below, each of these are followed to the letter and ensure that as STORM we can keep our promise to users.

Privacy Policy - https://stormsystems.org/policies/privacy
Our Promise - https://stormsystems.org/policies/promise

Accolades are awards that we give to members for a variety of different reasons, the main ones being our reporter levels (Beginner, Advanced, Expert and Elite). Each of these show when queried and give access to certain benefits on the Discord server.

You can read more on our accolades at this page: https://stormsystems.org/policies/levels

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