Our Partners

πŸ’œ Requirements and Benefits

As we strive to create a dynamic and engaging community, we believe that partnerships play a crucial role in fostering collaboration, innovation, and mutual growth. This document serves as a comprehensive guide, detailing the expectations, responsibilities, and benefits associated with becoming a valued partner of STORM Systems. By adhering to these standards and requirements, we aim to cultivate a vibrant ecosystem of trusted allies who share our passion for excellence and collectively contribute to the success and development of the STORM Systems community.


Any organisation that wishes to partner with STORM Systems must comply with the following basic requirements.

  • Active and engaged community
    • The server, or the platform it represents, must be public (ie. no whitelisted communities).
    • All partners must have an active and engaged community in their Discord server.
    • Any and all of the server admins must have a reputation of 100.
    • The server must use the STORM Systems bot in their server.
  • Promotion
    • Partners must continue to promote STORM Systems throughout their time being a partner.
    • Various channels can be used for promotion, but STORM Systems must be advertised by means of a partnerships channel in the partners Discord server. This will help raise awareness of STORM Systems and what it can bring to communities.
  • Feedback and Collaboration
    • Partners should always provide constructive feedback and suggestions to help improve STORM Systems based on their experiences and requirements.
  • Compliance
    • Partners must ensure that their server follows Discord’s terms of service and any applicable laws and regulations.
    • The owner of the server (and anyone else in an administrative or management position) must not do anything that could bring the reputation of STORM Systems into disrepute.

STORM Systems Community Team can cancel a partnership with STORM Systems at any time at their discretion.

Benefits of partnering with STORM Systems

Being a partner of STORM Systems means you will receive the following benefits.

  • Advertisement in the STORM Systems Discord server and social media platforms.
  • The owner of the server will receive the following benefits:
    • a partner role on our Discord server.
    • a partner accolade on their STORM Systems profile.
    • the ability to change their URL for their STORM Systems profile.
    • the ability to add social icons to their STORM Systems profile.

Rellent provides a range of services, including vehicle models and skins for Grand Theft Auto communities, and custom websites for all types of brands and organisations. Our new frontend website service is perfect for FiveM communities wishing to provide a range of information to potential applicants and manage their appeals.

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We here at Moddex Development provide you with quality EUP, Vehicles and Custom Props. At amazing prices starting from Β£5. We are the most cheapest Modding group going at the moment. We understand that no everyone has the money for EUP, Vehicles and Custom Props. Therefore we have low prices with amazing quality to suit those in need of EUP, Vehicles and Custom Props. We have done work for the biggest clans in clanning such as LERP and London Calling Roleplay and many more Communities.

We will be offering the following:

- Custom Vehicle Orders
- Custom EUP Orders
- Custom Ped Orders
- Custom Prop Orders
- Custom MLO Orders

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At Officer Galvin Development we focus on Quality in all our products. The team ensure you are getting quality in what your purchase, whilst aiming to outperform your standards and all other companies like ours. The team dedicated itself to responding to any issues and correctly supporting any and every member. We continue to create unique designs which outperform any other business like ours. We respond to your tickets and requests 24/7. We have a wonderful staff team who have been appropriately trained to support all members with needs. They have access to a range of commands to fulfil your requests and support you at any time, anywhere.

The Team at OfficerGalvin Development drive to create New Fully Dynamic Scripts, Media (Promotional Videos, Editing), Discord Bots, Animations and much more to help populate and grow your Roleplay Community. We take custom orders to fulfil your needs and charge at very low costs

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Are you looking for high-quality scripts and community-focused websites for your gaming community? Look no further than OMSolutions! We specialize in providing top-notch scripts and websites, such as our Community Management Application (CMA) and cwOMS.

We also offer custom orders for scripts to meet your unique needs and requirements. And the best part? We frequently release scripts for free, so you can enjoy our work without breaking the bank. Our Emergency Lighting System (oELS) script is one of our most popular offerings and has been trusted by some of the biggest clans in the gaming world.

So why wait? Let's see how we can help take your community to the next level with OMSolutions!

Check out our website at https://omsolutions.co.uk

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Originally starting out as Steely Mods in 2019, then going through a change to Geordie Mods in 2021, and then to Steelys Workshop which we are known by today, we have been bringing IRL / Fictional vehicles and skins to the GTA community for nearly 4 years.

We have supplied vehicles and skins to many FiveM communities, the ones you may know being Balmore and Hampset RPC.

With a dedication to detail and the ability to expand knowledge, we aim in giving you quality cars, skins and development parts to fit your needs!

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Here at AS Customs & Modding, we aspire to meet every customer's needs. From our extensive vehicle setup knowledge, to our incredible customer support & response times, including day-to-day updates on all custom orders, we love our community and encourage you to join it! Generic support for QB Core and civilian vehicle setup is also available for over 12hrs per day!

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You've looked everywhere and can't find an affordable place to purchase from? Well, look no further. Valhalla Modifications is the place to go. Since our founding on the 1st of December 2022, we have been pushing out vehicles for budget LSPDFR and FiveM users. We put blood, sweat and tears into our vehicles to ensure that you are paying for what you deserve. For a small price, you can pick up a custom vehicle made just for you.

Why not check us out? See you then!

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Some of you may know me as the previous owner of UKOverhaul and creator of UKOH products. I left UKOH as my life took over and I no longer had the time or funds to commit to the brand. Everything has settled a lot since then, and I'm pleased to say I'm back and ready to start modding again, under my new name of LG Mods.

My plan is to start again, bigger, better and with more exciting content.

LG Mods will focus predominantly on Map/MLO Modifications as this is definitely my strong point, but I will be branching into other aspects of UK Development, especially if a team ends up forming here. I won't be taking on Custom Work, at least for now, as I feel this is where I went wrong with UKOH. So keep a look out for pre-made products, as there will be a few!

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Policing London was formed by a group of friends who wanted to start there own FiveM server. We aim to provide a welcoming, safe, fun server for all to enjoy.

Below is what we offer:

Custom vehicles
Custom EUP
Custom MLOs
Custom Props
Custom Scripts
Stable FPS
Rank Progression
Active and friendly staff
Friendly and welcoming community
Services including: MPS, LAS, LFB, RNLI and more to come..
Realistic RP
Hosted Patrols
Training sessions

The list goes on... why not come and join us to find out more.

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Pure - FivePD

Custom scripts
Realistic role-playing
British themed around London & Kent
In depth story's
Brilliant community
Custom Buildings to explore
Over 100 vehicles to choose from
Rank structure

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Alien Modding was created in early 2020 by a team of modders who set out to create one of the best places to purchase vehicles and assets for GTA V and FiveM. Our aim is to offer models the community has not seen before, that might be rare in real life or not previously seen in GTA. Over two years in, we at AM have generated over 200 clients and over 400 sales. To date, there are 6 Aliens whose skills all vary, from lowering, to converting and to modelling, as well as additional skills away from modding such as the sale of Discord Bots.

See our catalogue at https://www.alienmodding.co.uk

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Here at Mirror Park Studios, we specialise in High-Quality Scripts, Props, VEHICLES, MLOs, dev assets and specifically EUP for Grand Theft Auto V, and more specifically, FiveM.

We have products ranging from the Metropolitan Police, London Fire & Ambulance to other forces, to generic emergency services clothing. Script products for roleplay that allow you to take equipment from your vehicle boot, a custom uniform menu, and more! MLOs such as our Metropolitan Police Style Custody which is the first in dedicated FiveM British Custodies, being custom modelled and built by our in-house team as seen at WestLondonRPC and other communities!

Here is some of our links!
πŸ’» Our Website: https://www.mirrorparkstudios.co.uk/
🐦 Our Twitter: https://twitter.com/mirrorparkeup

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Spotting Network Do you want to be apart of a network and community based around the emergency services? Look no further because here at Spotting Network we have your interests as our top priority. An ever growing community of spotters, active daily sharing images is something a true emergency service lover could only dream of. We are here for all your amazing photos, come flood our allocated chats!

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JN Designs

Welcome to JN Designs, your gateway to a world of virtual possibilities! Located in the heart of a bustling digital landscape, our shop is a haven for gamers and server administrators seeking to elevate their FiveM experiences.

Our team of skilled developers and creators is dedicated to bringing you top-quality assets that seamlessly integrate into your FiveM server. Whether you're looking to build a realistic British FiveM server, create unique role-playing scenarios, or simply add a touch of authenticity to your server, we have the resources you need!

We take pride in our commitment to excellence, ensuring that each asset is thoroughly tested and optimised for performance. You can trust us to provide you with reliable, immersive, and high quality assets to your server.


JN Designs offers the following:

High quality assets
Custom made assets
Custom made logos
Custom made banners
Custom made postal maps
Police vehicles
Ambulance vehicles
Fire & Rescue vehicles
Stable and reliable assets
Reasonably priced assets
Greater Manchester Police vehicles
West Midlands Police vehicles
Cardiff Ambulance Service
Metropolitan Police Service
Kent Police
British Transport Police
Civilian Vehicles

And much more!


Check out JN Designs today!


πŸ“Œ Discord Invite: https://discord.gg/ykDYSzcgEa

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