Our Promise

Last Updated 21 Nov, 23

At STORM, we take safeguarding concerns seriously and are committed to maintaining a safe and secure platform for everyone. Our promise is to uphold the values of transparency, integrity, and security in everything we do.

  • We promise to be transparent about how we process and use data on our platform. This includes being clear about our data collection and storage practices, as well as our data processing and sharing policies. We will also be transparent about how our advanced algorithms work to generate safety scores based on reports against users. Additionally, we will provide users with information on our policies and procedures for handling safeguarding reports, including how to report a concern, what happens after a report is filed, and how the appeals process works.
  • We promise to handle all reports with the utmost integrity and objectivity. We will not show any bias or favoritism towards any particular user. All reports will be evaluated objectively and fairly, and everyone reserves the right to an unbiased appeal. We will prioritize user privacy and confidentiality in our handling of safeguarding reports, and only share information on reports with those who need to know in order to evaluate the report and take appropriate action. We will also maintain strict confidentiality around the identity of the user who filed the report, unless required to do otherwise by law.
  • Anyone who feels as if a deduction they have received is unfair, is able to dispute it on their profile. Those with 100 points deducted can also email hello@stormsystems.org to appeal any deductions.
  • We promise to maintain the highest levels of security on our platform to protect all user data. We will use industry-standard encryption and security protocols to ensure that all data is kept confidential and secure. We will also regularly monitor and update our security measures to stay ahead of emerging threats. We also ensure we are completely GDPR compliant. You can find out about how we regulate ourselves in compliance with GDPR legislation on our Privacy Policy.
  • All of our staffs actions are logged and regularly audited. This is to ensure both the security of data but also our integrity. Any malpractice by a member of our team results in instant termination. Safety and security is our main priority.
Free of Charge:
  • We promise to forever keep STORM completely free. We do not believe that good security should come at a premium to those that are able and willing to pay for it. Therefore, all of STORM is completely free and is run independently for the purpose of offering an exceptional service and protecting our communities, not to make any profit.

In summary, at STORM, our promise is to provide a safe and secure platform for reporting safeguarding concerns. We will be transparent about how we process and use data, maintain integrity in our handling of reports, prioritize user privacy and confidentiality, and ensure the highest levels of security to protect all user data.